Industry-Academia Collaboration

The Department of Economics at Fu Jen Catholic University believes that students who study economics or any field in the social sciences should not confine their learning experience to classrooms or textbooks. To offer students a good opportunity to understand the real world not only from reading textbooks, but also from observing it or even participating in it, the Department builds close relationships with well-known companies, and eventually leads students to corporate visits, internship opportunities and, on occasion, even job opportunities.

1. Corporate Visit

Through visiting activities, our students can observe different industries in order to more easily find a suitable career for themselves. Since 2012, we have organized student visits to both domestic and overseas enterprises. In order to maximize the benefits of the visits, the students participating in the overseas visit trips need to take seminars and training sessions before departure.

2. Lecture Series on Financial Products and Investment

The Department regularly invites financial experts to give lectures on financial products and trends of investment. Students find these lectures very useful, whether their goals are employment in finance-related industries, or personal financial investment. The financial experts participating in these educational opportunities include representatives from institutions such as: Yuanta Futures, KGI Futures, and Capital Futures.

3. EYON Currency Laboratory and Investment Simulation Competition

In 2006, with the support of Mr. Charles C.Y. Chen, a distinguished alumnus and an accomplished entrepreneur, the Department established the first "International Currency Laboratory" in Taiwan. The Currency Lab has computers and peripheral equipment loaded with software for many courses. Each year, it holds a national foreign exchange simulation competition. At the same time, we also cooperate with a number of financial companies in investment competitions. Our partners in these competitions include Yuanta Futures, Kunlun International, Saxo Bank, Shanghai Christie Digital, as well as other companies. From 2022, the investment targets of the competitions have expanded. In addition to the original foreign exchange products, commodities such as major global stock indices, US stocks, gold, silver and oil will also be added, so that students can learn the basic characteristics of different investment commodities in the building of a more diversified investment portfolio.